"My hypnotherapy session was remarkable in many ways. We worked together on my feelings of anxiety about an upcoming interview and was amazed to feel the difference in my levels of apprehension in the days following our session.  I had some doubts about the effectiveness of doing an online session, but it worked! I felt completely at ease during our time together and experienced a renewed sense of vitality! Managing anxiety can be a full time job that takes a lot of energy to maintain. I am deeply grateful for your service, your genuine compassion. You are truly a treasure and this session was truly a gift."   –Donna K. San Clemente

"I was referred by a trusted friend and my session began by DeAnna giving me a thorough understanding of what to expect.  She is kind, caring, and believes strongly in her work. She earned my trust as she patiently, and thoroughly and explained everything in simple terms.  The results were shocking and more than I could have imagined. I had no idea what to expect, so I am simply floored by my session. I have gained insight into questions that have nudged at me for years. I can honestly say that the session with DeAnna shifted my entire perspective. I'm so grateful as the experience has opened a pathway to my higher self. My skepticism was unfounded. I'm looking forward to my next session!"

–Rick M. Huntington Beach

"I found the whole experience with DeAnna to be informative, relaxing and extremely beneficial. In the week since my session with her I've been able to exercise every day which is the reason I sought her help. I've been wanting and needing to exercise but had not been able to motivate myself to do it."- Judi B. Long Beach

"DeAnna is great and I started seeing results right after the first session with her. She really captures the key points that you are looking to cover in your sessions, and she follows up with you to make sure everything is okay. I enjoyed working with her and due to COVID we had remote sessions which worked greatly. I will do future sessions again if I need it. I highly recommend her work."- C.M , L.A

"My session was an incredible experience, opening doorways and uncovering deep insights. I walked away with such a grounded sense of intention and clarity.  Even now I am still sifting through layers of information that was brought to my consciousness. The shift is palpable and I have a much broader sense of my life's journey.
DeAnna not only displays extreme professionalism and integrity, she also radiates such warmth and love, that you immediately trust her to lead you to where you need to go. Not only would I highly recommend her, I look forward to another session!" 
–DVT, Long Beach


"I have been getting hypnotherapy for weight loss from DeAnna  for the last few weeks. So far it has exceeded my expectations. I have lost a significant amount of weight without feeling deprived. I still have more weight to lose, but the tools that I have gained from these sessions have really helped make this process easier. DeAnna is great to work with and is very kind and listens to her clients in order to help develop a good game plan for each individual. I look forward to continuing my work with her and I would definitely recommend this." - Susan. H.  Long Beach

"The Inner Child hypnotherapy sessions have been the most helpful in creating change for myself out of all the hypnotherapy I have participated in. The work has been particularly helpful in releasing old emotions, habits, beliefs, and physical pain I have carried since childhood. I am nearly 40, and in all the self-work that I have done over the years, the inner child work via hypnotherapy has been the most effective in providing me increased self-esteem, self-belief, and ability to feel well in my physical body."  -Dianna E. Aspen

"Connecting with DeAnna for a session gave me more than I expected. She not only provided me with an awesome hypnosis session but also gave me a taste of her subconscious interpretation skills and it left me speechless! Her ability to ask the right questions and parse out the subconscious messages is incredible! Not only was she super focused on getting to the bottom of the meaning so I had a better understanding of it, her passion for searching to get the answers was really fun to watch.
She was very inquisitive and nurturing throughout and knew exactly the right questions to ask to get the answers to the questions I was seeking.

–Shawna E. Long Beach

"Having two online hypnosis sessions with DeAnna gave me just what I needed to help me overcome a lot of stress and anxiety I was feeling over an upcoming surgery. I am very surprised at how different I am feeling now.  The underlying anxiousness has completely left me, and now I'm in total control over my feelings. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to get rid of their anxieties or fears. What a huge difference it makes!"   –Eve S.  Houston

"Wow! I really did not know what to expect. DeAnna did an amazing job at educating me on how hypnosis works so I could really open up and feel safe within the process. She has such a caring and calming presence that it made the whole experience easy to open up to even with difficult emotions. I am so appreciative to have worked with her and begin the journey of letting go of old wounds and old stories. Thank you!"   -Danielle W. Venice

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