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Therapeutic  Hypnosis

Hypnosis is one of the fastest and safest ways to move past behaviors that limit your ability to remain in control. I have successfully helped my clients with a variety of issues and watched as they've had huge internal shifts.


A few things that hypnosis can help with: Anxiety, releasing limiting beliefs, getting over a break up, phobias, fears, stress, confidence and self worth issues, Childhood trauma, loss & grief, test anxiety, panic attacks, weight loss, "bad" habits such as nail biting.

Hypnosis is gently moving into an extreme relaxation of the mind and body that creates a hyper-awareness in your subconscious mind while turning off the chatter of the conscious mind. It is a "relaxed, focused state of concentration."

This acute awareness allows the Hypnotherapist to introduce positive suggestions at the appropriate time that will create an internal shift. It's these shifts which make the changes you are ready to create in your life.

Unfortunately, hypnosis has been misconstrued through old myths, stories, movies and silly stage shows at the county fair. You are never under the control of the hypnotist's will. This is not mind control, and you are in complete control at all times.


 You are very aware while in hypnosis, just in a relaxed state that lets you unwind without stress or worries, so you can make decisions and changes to better your life. In a nutshell, I will help you SUPERCHARGE what it is you already want to do.

Hypnosis is always a collaborative effort between the client and the hypnotherapist. All sessions are tailored to your needs and what you want to change or what goals we are aimed at achieving. We will work together to create changes by releasing whatever it is that has you stuck, and then activating the feelings or behaviors that serve you as you move forward in a new chapter.

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