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DeAnna is amazing! Seriously a life changing experience . I highly recommend!

-J.B. Huntington Beach, Ca.

“DeAnna, is great and I started seeing results right after the first session with her.”  - C.H.  San Pedro, Ca.

Test Anxiety

Anxiety is very common in our society. Nowhere is it more common than in the academic world. Even the brightest of us can feel that overwhelming wave of stress as we sit down for an important exam. Otherwise, it may have built up slowly over the days leading up to the exam making it seem an impossible feat to even take the test. 

 Test anxiety can manifest physically as: 

  •  Shortness of breath 

  •  Dizziness or heart palpitations 

  •  Nausea 

  •  Panic attacks 

  •  Muscle tensions 


 It can manifest emotionally as:

  •  Exhaustion 

  •  Irritability or anger 

  •  Mood swings 

  •  Procrastination 

The outcome of exams can often have lasting ramifications on one’s future.  It is essential that one be able to perform at their peak while studying for and taking tests. The fact that test scores can be so impactful only serves to intensify test anxiety. This anxiety can reduce and block performance, right when it is needed most.

Hypnosis has been proven to be an effective modality in reducing test anxiety and the stress associated with it. Hypnosis can also help improve memory, concentration, and focus. It can build confidence and lead to you performing at the level that, deep down inside, you know you're capable of.

Applying the techniques you will learn in a hypnotherapy session will not only help you in the classroom but in other areas of your life, as you will learn to have a calmer and more confident approach to all of life's situations. I am committed to working with you to prepare a customized plan of hypnosis which will prepare you fully, turning anxiety into excitement and focus! In addition to helping you shift your mindset, I can help with create your own practical test-taking strategies, focus, recall and study preparation.

How many sessions will it take?

Most people experience some level of test anxiety, but for many, the impact can be severe. For some, one session does the trick, but for others, it may take 2-3 sessions to fully release those feelings. 

Have more questions? 

Contact me now to schedule your 15-minute phone consultation.

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